Family Engagement

Mrs. Rabie, Family Engagement

My name is Angie Rabie and I am the Langley Family Engagement Specialist. My role at Langley is to be a support and resource to parents.

Look for opportunities throughout the year to help you help your children at school. I will provide workshops, resources, and other opportunities to support student learning. If you need other types of assistance, I will help connect you to the appropriate community resources. I can provide you with resources to check out and use at home to reinforce what your children are doing at school.

Need help with parenting topics such as homework help or discipline? I can provide you resources to help. My commitment is to parents and family engagement. TOGETHER we can make a positive impact on your child's success in school!

Yours in Partnership, Angie

LOST & FOUND – Located in the clinic

Remember to quickly look for lost items. Due to limited clinic space, we will keep unclaimed items for 4 weeks before donating them to charity. As a reminder, make sure to put your child’s name on items to make it easier to return lost items to their owners.